Often we see the beginning of construction steel construction factories, power plants, industrial buildings, sports facilities, hangars, warehouses, income piping systems. We also provide services that address your needs in this type of industry structure.
According to the needs of light steel structure buildings and used heavy steel. While it is preferred more heavy steel in industrial structure is preferred more light in residential construction.
IRA Engineering needs more convenient, ready to serve your steel construction projects to make robust and reliable.
Although the turnkey project to undertake the whole process as being sensitive to the environment we are working IRA to give you the most convenient service.

Destructive tests:

- High and low temperature tensile test
- Tilt Test
- Each level of indentation test
- Surface hardness test
- Macro - Micrographic tests

Non-destructive testing;

- Size and Gauge Controls (DT)
- Thickness Measurement
- Radiographic Testing (RT)
- Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
- Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
- Penetrant Testing (PT)