Pipeline Pigging System

Pipeline Pigging System

Pipeline Pigging System

Pipeline pigging systems

Pigging refers to devices known as "pigs" for performing various processes such as cleaning and inspection in a pipeline without stopping its flow in the pipeline.

This is inscribed placing the boar in a "pig launcher" (or "launch station" - a large section in the pipeline that shrinks to normal diameter).

The launcher / launch station is then turned off and the pressure operated stream of product in the pipeline is used to push it down the pipe until it reaches the receiver trap - the "pig cooker" (or "receiving station").

The IRA Pigging system has been for many years to clean large diameter pipelines in the oil industry.

Pigging; Use in almost every part of the transfer process including batching, storage or filling systems. Pigging systems have already been installed in industries that handle a wide variety of cosmetic products such as lubricating oils, dyes, chemicals, toiletries, and foodstuffs.

Pigs are used for mixing lubricating oil or paint to clean pipes and drain pipes into product tanks (or sometimes return a component to the tank), avoiding cross contamination.

Pigging is usually done at the beginning and end, but can also be done in the middle of a batch when producing a premix used as an intermediate component.