As İRA Engineering, our aim is to realize our projects in line with the customer criteria, in a way to ensure occupational health and safety conditions, within the target budget limits, by taking into account the quality and company interests. We are aware that the metal business line in which we operate accommodates different hazard sources in terms of labor intensive, dynamic, fast, constantly changing work environment and work methods, and that the risks such as possible work accident and injury are high and their effects are serious.

Despite the high risk of accidents and damages of our business line, we believe that as business management, all work accidents, occupational diseases, damages and losses can be prevented with social acceptance, effort and commitments, and in this sense, our social responsibility is occupational health, safety, environment, quality, efficiency. and we are committed to full fulfillment in terms of social responsibility. Within this sense of responsibility, in order to ensure the quality, occupational health and safety of all personnel working in our company, primarily national occupational health and safety legislation and quality standards; We will operate, check, regularly review and update the minimum regularly every year, taking into account the applicable international occupational health and safety standards, directives and management systems, in the format integrated into our existing management system. We will share these updates with all our business and solution partners, especially our staff.

To fulfill this policy;

We will primarily provide our financial and human resources required to meet quality, occupational health and safety requirements. We will adjust our job offer costs to cover quality, occupational health and safety expenses.

We will proactively carry out our quality, occupational health and safety activities at the maximum level and reduce our reactive corrective activities.

We will identify potential risks at workplaces by systematic methods and eliminate them within the determined plan and program.

We will ensure that all our employees receive quality, occupational health and safety trainings and that these trainings are maintained at regular intervals. We will support the trainings with regular theoretical and practical trainings, as well as warning signs, instructions and guidance devices.

Continuous improvement activities of quality, occupational health and safety management and performance will be carried out and updated and functional.

We will first consider and implement collective protection methods. Where this is not possible, we will provide our employees with approved personal protective equipment suitable for the job and the person and encourage them to use it.

All the work to be done will be documented, recorded and constantly updated. We will provide the easiest access to this information to İRA Engineering employees.

When unacceptable risks arise, we will stop the business despite possible financial losses and we will not work at the risk point until safe working conditions are provided.

We will demand that our business and solution partners such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, as well as ours, fulfill the requirements of the quality, occupational health and safety management system at least as sensitively as we can, otherwise we will be able to cancel our contracts.

I accept and undertake on behalf of İRA Engineering General Manager that I will fully fulfill these policies, targets and requirements.